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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy Hado(wave motion) by happy Hado~1

I think you’ve heard of words, “negative information”

However, I sense it with my body clearly and completely, not words.

I meet many people who have various problems, so data are gathered naturally.


Which was no affiliation between information (energy) and the change of my body caused by sensing is very understandable, as “the cause of the changes in my body when I was teenager and twenty us that~”.


Who have furious negative information always say a part of their body is painful and heavy feeling.
In big sessions as “Reborn Full program”, I touch client’s body and remove negative information,

but in case of too much furious information, I get the negative information and the same part becomes painful and heavy feeling.


The condition sometimes has lasted for more than one week, so I am working at the risk of my life.
Preparing for the possibility of letting my fortune down

Preparing for the possibility of my life energy deprived,

Preparing for the possibility of being sick


I am working on MV job.


For the sake of it,

I work day in day out on invisible information and energy world seriously.


Because little mistake can be fatal.


Since I can remember I have been familiar with? The world,

So, I am warning who “fall into mysterious world” from own complex, aspiration and fashion.



Actually, who fell into the world with the motivation visited MV just before nervous break down and physical disorder.

However, those people are now stable physically and mentally and changed to healthy body.


Well, I got some request and I accessed two families’ informational field yesterday.


In short, I go into under informational world.

Well, more simply speaking, it’s the image; diving under negative informational sea.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April. 3 2015