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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy Hado(vibes) by happy Hado~2

Subtheme: XXX human beings who can only the physical world

Evolving human being who can conscious of invisible world.


What I would like to day is;

Those who spend money on only objects. Those who believe only physical world…their dimensions, well, their consciousness, sense and level are three-dimension side.


MV and those who can understand MV world deepen the understanding of energy, information, and dimension of the world more and more, and we grab them by our own sensors, and we operate three-dimensional world and the reality and spend lives on the earth as desired with the understanding, wisdom and sense.


Can one million yen watch or ring transform negative information and heavy energy of your family lines, your own heavy, unhappy negative information and energy, poor thinking, unhappy thinking and crusted head?


If you can change a system by investing money energy into informational and energy world?

If you can transform negative information and energy into positive information and energy?


I think you would choose that, don’t you?


I’ve heard “ I can understand if it’s for visible things, but for invisible things …”

I felt like “ 😕 ”, so I blogged.
“Carpenter who build a house, and the house remains there, so I pay for the carpenter”

Those who says such a thing won’t pay for people who handle invisible energy, information, dimension and space?


Well, music is invisible and education is invisible, there are a lot of important invisible things.


Top-classes in any worlds surely can be conscious of invisible field.

That’s why they can produce overwhelming results than those who can understand and believe only physics.


In MV we see the moments which invisible energy, information, consciousness, dimension and space causes changes to physics: body, car, house, electrical appliance, etc.

( I vomited, stayed in bed and damaged, but I would like to evolve more, so I would like to seek invisible world.  Without understanding and taking advantage of real world with a large mass ( invisible world side) we can have only potty little life. We can use it for fortune, health, relationship, improving ability and success. Living with only your own effort is common way of life.


Top class people in the world takes advantage of invisible world very much for their further health and further prosperity.  Those who don’t know and use this energy and system of the real world with a large mass is only poor common people?


Therefore, when we touch hose who have old thought that those who work for “invisible world” is strange and they cheat people for money and they are fraud, we feel as if we traveled back to past.


“What! Are you still saying those kinds of things?? You still live there??

You don’t just know it, but MV and the world surely understand invisible energy, information, consciousness, dimension and space!

There are lots of things which was already put in practical use for the public and actually it the filed researched by scientists since long ago.


It’s often invisible world at the end of a path scientists are following while they continue to search their own study, and who don’t use their own head can only believe physics, and it’s the world beyond physics which people live using their own head always reach.

Dying knowing only physical world is the way of life of which animals’ too low consciousness


I think above secretly.



It became a long story.

Well, I will access invisible field which connected to you from invisible energy, information, consciousness, dimension and space, today too.


This reasonable “Remote Healing” is to replace your “unhappy Hado, unlucky Hado and poor Hado “ by “happy Hado, lucky Hado, fortune Hado” bit by bit while you continue to take the healing.
I hope you can continue to take the remote healing.



Well, I will clean your invisible field at 9:00pm and change it to high quality field by high dimensional happy Hado(vibes)!
The field any human has, determines happy/unhappy, rich/poor and lucky/unlucky, etc…


The field any human has is not simple such as composed by something one.  That, this and those are involved.

This is the opportunity for MV to show my skills!


Dear all,

Let’s improve your brain, raise IQ, improve sensor and raise conscious dimension, and live on the earth and in the universe!

The density of your life and the amount of being able to learn will be more than 100 times different between those who living carelessly, unconsciously and ignorantly and who living with care and  consciously.


It’s MOTTAINAI (a pity) to die staying low and superficial field focusing on physics only.

Let’s use this opportunity and your body and effectively!


Let’s stop living with your eyes upon the ground looking down!


Please try to live on the earth in the universe looking up vigorously like reaching incomprehensible dimension by your own sensor.


Tiny conscious activity in chains, put in a cage can’t let you have high quality life, of course.


Again, it became long.


I think that the content of this blog is hard to deliver by words and it’s difficult for you to understand the content.


(People think they understood by reading just WORDS, but it’s not true comprehension. To understand truly, you should extend your sensor the world beyond “WORDS”; across words)


Let’s see you at 21:00PM!

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 13 2016