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I put “High-quality life”which Maaya thinks into words.

I was writing a message for whom would take remote brain treatment,

and I thought that I would like to deliver it to you, so I am wringing this blog now.


Actually I was writing other message about brain, so I am thinking that those who would take F2F brain treatment can take the message to home.

Because, I think your recognition, relationship and developing “brain” may change :-).


Well, today let me please blog this part only. 😉


“High-quality life”which Maaya Village is advocating is;

  • To be able to establish relationship according to purposes healthily and favorably
  • To be able to communicate with yourself, others, situation and things well.
  • To display your high concentration, observation, great insight, power to continue, patience, judgement and imagination on all of the scenes in your life.
  • To do high-quality work and owing to that, to get satisfaction and stability mentally and economically.
  • and to perform “self-actualization” within your limited life given.

This part, I realize it day by day.

within your limited life given

If you can understand it through yourself, you will be unable to do excuse and stagnate to yourself.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 12 2016