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The reason why “Brain Treatment” is popular -2-

There is a person MV did big repair? long term-care.

Owing to the person who have various problems,
◆Difference between who misunderstand feeling something (error) in the invisible word and who don’t.

◆Relationship between sxxxxxhxxxx symptom and brain

◆Relationship between who are and brain

◆Relationship between Paxxx xxx situation and brain

We understood the above by our long-term observation and experiments.


These are completely new discoveries which you can’t find in medical world, spiritual world, healing world, god world.


With MV discoveries and perception, the person took back life, physical condition and brain which turned around 180 degrees.


MV is not a medial institution, so we have never given medicine to the person.

Yes, of course. 😉 


What we operated and gave are only MV high dimensional techniques and energy(information) MV has.


Only two things.


With only two things,

we caused big transformation to the person as the person, who know the person and the person’s families were surprised gaping.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 15 2016