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Blockage of brain and darkness within yourself -2-

Well, I wrote about “Brain” at great length so far.

Actually we have similar “blockage” within ourselves.

Everyone has “blockage”.

One day, because of an event or a person, when electricity (energy) flows in at once,

yes a short circuit, fire breaks out within yourself sometimes.

This is exactly the same as the story MV told you that “please fix and arrange yourself completely before you touch energy world” from the very beginning.

It leads to Buddha story and movie; starwars.


We should NOT fall into darkness, killed by your own darkness and lose yourself, lose balance, cause inconvenience to others and ruin your life.


MV has treated these things as important since I established MV,

so when we train brain treatment operators we give guidance about these things consciously and have countermeasures.


“Handling energy” depends on you and whether you fall into darkness or not depends on you, too.


That’s to be expected by MV, so we teach you things to prevent from expanding your darkness and being messed with by it when you handle energy in due course in “MV Space Terakoya” started from Dec. 2013.
After main Terakoya I heard “ would like to take Terkoya about “money” and “work!”,

but I ignored it and held Terakoya about “controlling emotions and trauma” in advance is because of that.


If you work on money and job hard having emotions problems, trauma, suppression, inferiority complex and judgement of good or evil…,

dangerous persons come out always.


Of course, if they go into “energy world” with these problems piled up,

it will go hard with them; there will be the devil to pay often.


Some people around me who touched “energy world” based on their desires

without correct steps, understanding and low conscious dimension experiencing got body unable to recover.

It is very important point.


Ah, I told this in “MV Space Terakoya, the truth of invisible world”, so I think your understanding has been deepened. 😛 


Yes, that’s the reason.


It became a long story, so I will end it.


The end


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 28 2015