Daily Archives: 2016-02-18

Today’s healing ♪ ”Happy Hormone”

It can be said that human beings are controlled by “BRAIN”.

Well, human beings are “BRAIN” and BRAIN conditions reflect our mind, mental, feeling, emotion and physical condition.
Viewing your brain in MV session, sometime I think “Oh, that of brain hormone is insufficient?”.

・Not good at getting involved with others.

・Human relationship is weak.

・Would like to get sociability a bit more.

・Would like to sleep more comfortably.

・Would like to have a big heart and warm heart

・Would like to be strong against stress.

・Easy to be distracted.

・Would like to feel happiness always.

・Too much feeling of insufficiency and hunger

・I am rather depressed

・I become easily irritated

・I have no motivation. etc.


I would like to restore balance of “Happy Hormone” related to above for you.


I will send energy topping “Happy Hormone” to you at 21:00PM.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 7 2015