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Those who are slave to money ~ honorable poverty idea and greed are the same~3

Money is energy, so those who circulate and exchange money energy for high dimensional energy, information or wisdom for themselves, change more and more actually.


Please use  “The Source Of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV main product), “Remote Healing”

“Goods copied 波動[Hado, vibes ], “Session” and “Terakoya”(MV seminar)

for yourselves to change the quality of your lives.


From the point of the structure of human brain, it is right:  There are people who try to be better with something free of charge, but actually they won’t change.
I think you can understand that viewing people around you.


Those who live in such a way: getting anything for free or low price, are wanting for money actually, but they are poor so they criticize money.

That is their mind.

The thought and mind to money is not healthy, so those who are short of money or hopeless about money had better correct the thought and mind.


There are reasons for poverty, and it’s nobody’s fault but yours.

Moreover, your brain (thought) is the cause.


You are responsible for everything.

It’s all your fault.  I mean it’s your brain matter.


The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 10 2015