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Power of “MV 土地・建物(Land and Building Card)” ? -Vital energy up-

I found a post in MV community of this blog♪


I found roses were blooming in my garden.

Orange rose names Brass Band.

I planted it, but it hardly bloomed.

However! It bloomed beautifully in winter.

It’s one of the events happened since I set MV cards.

I heard it’s written as ”冬薔薇” and read as “FUYU SOUBI”


What pretty flowers!

Thank you so much and it’s eye candy. 🙂

All MV products have powers to transform negative to positive information, energy and vibration.


“MV Land and Building Card” (Now we have two types) aims to change
what we call ”KEGSRECHI”:

A magnetic field is bad and vibration and information of land is bad.

Ki (Qi) becomes stationary and it’s hard to develop farm products and plants, when people live there they become negative and easy to be sick mentally and physically.

Also, it causes trouble easily and unhappy events happens often.

Their lives remain in obscurity and themselves go down and out easily.

It influences on children, pets and women easily and it worsens financial condition for men.

Also it tends to be hotbed of earthbound spirits.


what we call “IYASHROCHI”:

A magnetic field is good and vibration and information of land is good.

Ki(Qi) flows smoothly and it develops farm products and plants well.

when people live there they become positive and easy to be fine and motivated.

Their lives go well smoothly and be in happy spiral.

Improvement of your luck and financial situation can be expected.

Company, shop and manager’s home should be “IYASHROCHI”

Low vibration, like earthbound spirits can’t approach.


I am going to start “MV High Dimensional 風水(Feng Shui) (tentative name)” in 2016 for worse lands and buildings.


I hope you shall make your precious life better with MV products and arts.


Flowers which hadn’t bloomed have bloomed means the laws of nature came back and vital energy started to overflow.


It shall be linked directly with fortune, health, rejuvenation, finance and family harmony.

Family problem shall be improved, too.


Children live in “KEGARECHI” shall get involved in becoming secluded, a delinquent, weak body, no motivation, decline in academic standards and troubles…


Land has strong influence.

We live in, sleep and work there, so it’s linked directly to our lives.


I have started to use “MV High Dimensional Feng Shui” in my home years ago.


After all, degree of happiness and stability of development is greater.


I can’t live in unpleasant land, so I arrange it by myself.

Being able to touch pleasant high dimensional energy 24 hours is happy for me.


Please experience “pleasant high dimensional happy energy” ! 😉


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 24 2015