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Blockage of brain and darkness within yourself -1-

Long time no see!
Well, I would like to write about Brain Treatment the other day.

Ms. A has continued to take Brain Treatment since MV started Brain Treatment.

The moment I put my hand over her head I felt freshness as if refreshing cool wind blew.


I and Sayuri who treated her brain raised our voices “Wow” as the same time.

Yes, the condition of her brain was so great.


On the contrary, in case of the condition of brain XXX, our hands feel something is off and something intense.


We feel:

“Something odd is on the part of brain”

“A part of his or her brain has been connected to something”

“This part is not working ”

“Abnormal fire has caused from a part of his or her brain”

“Thermal runaways has caused from a part of his or her brain”. e.t.c..


Under the brain condition,

further abnormal fire, thermal runaway or decline in function will be caused every time some information comes in or a neurotransmitter is generated.



Assume there is a machine and it has some wiring abnormality or a deterioration.

Even you are not skilled with a machine, you can guess what will happen if we make electricity flow to the machine.


Electricity doesn’t flow well to degraded part, wiring abnormality causes heat and even worse it burns wires, (burned wires are useless) and at this point fire occurs.

Then, the damage spreads…


Though it’s rough manner of expressing,

the structure of our brains is the same and same things happens as I described above actually.


High-performance brain status: great conductivity in brain, airy, fast information transmission, grasp something “unpleasant “ for you in an instant and it must be smooth in brain always.


For us who operate Brain Treatment, we are glad when we touch such a brain.
If the condition of your brain is great,

you can work well, communication skill will be refined and surely the ability of understanding and sensing things will be improved more and more.


Well, though we don’t touch your brain physically at all. ( Of course) 😉


Actually, we were surprised knowing human brain changes drastically by caring brain energy problem only.


I remember the first brain conditions of all customers’.

Therefore, seeing their brain upgraded is like seeing my children grow up.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 28 2015