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Maaya’s original hypothesis “Way to improve your luck”-relationship between brain and luck-

I am working on resume for Terakoya as usual. 🙂 


One of MV teaching materials is “Brain Stone”.


It’s something to look forward to when you come and see it.

Well I think you can what it would be like from the name.
From stone, I will develop it into subtle electrical signal/Hado ( for me actually it’s not subtle) topic.


I have searched it for more than two years

and I think “Brain and Luck” are intimately connected.


I perceive “electrical signal (Hado) generated from brain” in front of me,

and I am good at “nonverbal” communication which is wordless and voiceless

and furthermore I understand wiring state, network state of brain and what part of your brain part is strong or weak.



Yes, surely electrical signal (Hado/wave motion) generated from brain is emitted to the outside.

Further, I can sense and access to various information.


If your brain state is XXXX, your luck turns bad or being unfortunate. Anyway, it doesn’t go well no matter what you do.

Depending on your brain condition, you will be placed in miserable situation seriously.

Of course, I think who will attend coming Terakoya are not in miserable situation,

but please listen to hypothesis Maaya has built over more than two years. 😉 

I think you will understand the importance of “restructuring of your brain” more.

Also, you will understand why MV says often brain and brain.


Well, I will go back to my work. 😀 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 30 2015