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If it’s a single cutting ADM, it’s about 150,000 JPY?

Sub: Regarding black ADM

The inqury:

Hi Maaya,          

I read your blog about black ADM.

I understood that black ADM is different from other ADMs and catching? (^_^;)

It’s a nuisance.

Seems that even the ADM was removed once it can catch us again.

Therefore, can you sell a service which cuts only black ADM on your internet shop?

or, it should be that you take the information of the universe to remove black ADM. in MV session?


In either case,


My big art is:


only who have non earthling’s consciousness
and who have alien’s sense, the universal conscious dimension
can do the high dimensional art.



Thinking of the price of “Cutting ADM session”
if I do “Cutting black ADM” only separately, it shall be about 150,000JPY( about 1282USD/ 1028 UK pound)

If it’s fine, let me do it separately.

However, I have been occupied with other works, so I think I will keep you waiting.


Yes, you know how valuable “MV 厄落とし(MV YAKU-Otoshi) is?


Please look forward this year’s 大晦日( Dec. 31 is called 大晦日(Omisoka) in Japan)



I saw the change of Shin closely, so it’s interesting.

Unhappy mode infected from other disappeared in a moment.



Regarding this “black ADM”, I would like to think carefully.

I hope I can inform you in some way.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 29 2016