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Deep story which I can’t write on the blog.

This is a series which I can talk to whom took session or big scale program in person but can’t deliver officially!

A big service of the end of the year. 😛 


It may be no longer  story which I shouldn’t talk rather than “白いお父さん(Shiroi Otohsan, Mr. white dad)”.


In a big-scale session yesterday.

Talking to a person (let’s say A)who took the program was an opportunity , the topic got be Mr/Ms. ○○○○.

(↑ After all, the blanks are meaningless  😀 )



“Mr. /Ms.○○○○~

Speaking of Mr./Ms. ○○○○, Mr./Ms. ○○○○ has gone, but do you know the cause of his/her death?”


“No, I don’t”


“It’s ○○”




“Actually, at that time we got an offer from Mr./Ms ○○○○. To let ○○ ○○.”

However, seems psychics? who would like to win fame and is too self-assertive ”I am a great psychics!” were moving in, and we didn’t want to be involved in such energy,
and we are different from them and we don’t want to win fame, 😆
so we declined the offer.

Various people were doing something somehow.
However, in the end, there was no effect, and Mr./Ms ○○○○ passed away…”



“Even Mr./Ms ○○○○ gets better with our arts we don’t want to appear in….., and don’t want to be introduced in all Japan. In either case, we declined.
Intensive ○○○○ is a job doesn’t pay”


“But how and why let ○○ ○○○○?”


“In the world, there are many —-people,
and their vain are too strong; “I would like to show my power!” “I want to be the strongest!” something like that.

However, Mr./Ms ○○○○ was absolute○○○○○○. Therefore, it was ——–.

Anyway, it’s a complicated world.

You had better keep away from the world”


Lighter, odd and alientic world is definitely great. 😉 


This story is about too famous person, and it’s off-the- record story,so I used blanks.

Well, it happens.


The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec.29 2016