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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑬

”Connecting with multi-dimension”. “Okagesama world”.

~From previous blog~


From when have human beings started to try to live by only themselves?

Own left brain power

Own personal relationship power

Own conversational ability

Own bargaining power.

Own authority

Own economic strength

Own mental power.

Own physical strength

Own ability to take action

Own foresight power

Own mathematical ability

Own leadership.

…etc. etc…


As you believe that “life is to live by and for yourself!”,

you try to acquire those “powers” and continue to brush up the powers….


Endless efforts are required.


Ancient people had acquired information and wisdom more than today’s people know without effort by connecting with multi-dimension.


Lately, it happened often.

Presume I heard a word “○○○” for the first time.

One~three days later, the word brought influential person or influential information to me.


Though it’s familiar word, the speed of synchronicity is increasing.


In addition to that, the content of this blog is that I put things flashed in my mind in normal life, came out from my mouth and welled up into words.

I have never written this blog systematically, and it’s not the contend based on reading books ( basically I don’t read books) or flashed by meditation.


However, it is often same as information which channelers got by connecting to akashic records.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s jp blog on July 5 2009