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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑫

”Connecting with multi-dimension”. “ Okagesama world”.

*Okagesama is Japanese word, expression. It expresses appreciation for all of things that bring the solution and help.


Word I like is “Multi-dimension”.


If we say high-dimension, it creates Low-dimension.

Also, it looks like I am mistaken and displaying my ability who is thinking I can connect with high-dimension.

Also, it will create the formula below.

Up and High=Superior and Great.

Down and Low=Bad and Imperfect.

and seems it may make vibration heavy more.


Describing God, it may create the formula below:

The Almighty God


Incompetent, hopeless and ignorant human being with full of ego.


After all, word of “multi-dimension” sounds best for me.

I feel that it is close to thing ancient people said “Ten”(Japanese word. Sky in English).

Well, at the point of replacing it in word, actually it is slightly different from original one, but it can’t be helped.

What I trust best is “Vibration” and “Telepathy”, something like the worlds.

It delivers original information to me as it is honestly without changing or twisting.


By the way,

I heard that old Japanese were connected with Ten(Sky) normally.

I guess they had saw and worshiped the sun, communicated with the moon and connected with other dimensions.

I think not only Japan, but also people on the earth had connected with multi-dimension.

and they experienced and manifested various things with cooperative work with the entities in multi-dimension.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 5 2009