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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑪

“The frequency of vibration”

Well, the universe is vibration.

No substance in the universe. Only vibration.

Looking from the microscopic world, even substance is vibrating,

so it can be said that all the things in the universe is “vibration”!


Well, in the universe including the globe, you can connect with a dimension which is tuning in your present vibration.


As I wrote it in previous blog, your vibration at death will determine your next dimension, world you will go.

(To be exact, it is not the only one and there are others, but today let me tell you roughly)


Whether you will go to dark, cold and no freedom world or

bright, warm and freedom world.

It’s up to vibration only.


You can’t never ever raise your vibration by these:

living as instructed by your parents or society, living a moral life, acting as a good person as be taught, giving simulacrum of help, etc.

Even you help people ignoring yourself forcibly, it just decreases your vibration.


Being calculating as you think you can go the heaven and make great start in the next world as you practiced virtue by doing good t others, volunteering and donating money, and living in bad mood lower your vibration.


To raise your vibration is how much large you can make the degree of your freedom.

Nothing more.


In spiritual world it is said that whole globe will ascend.

This means being able to raise the vibration of your consciousness and connect to high dimension having body on earth.


The time will come, so what we can do now is removing

old lesson, old concept, ingrained idea, common sense and teaching which lower your vibration in the first place.


Touching new idea with these is like an action of adding organic seasoning to spinach which is full of agricultural chemicals.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 5 2009