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“Happiness and unhappiness”

I had a realization before:

I felt that each events had been labeled like this is “happiness” and this is “unhappiness” before we knew them.

Human relations, physical condition, money, educational background, occupation, marriage, divorce…


I came to doubt about everything had been labeled.


A lot of money, work goes well, body is healthy, living in a large house, children are great, husband is sweet, human relationship goes well and fine weather…

Moreover, sometime these are formed in minute detail.

Income is more than XXXX $, house is your own, be married, have a boy…etc….no end.


Why do you call happiness about only one side pursuing it and call unhappiness about only one side avoiding it hard?


In ancient India, they said all of the universe is composed by “sky, wind, fire, water, earth”.

In China, they said “Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water” and “Negative and Positive”.

In Tibet and other countries they describe similar things by their own expressions…

Well, I think it’s like very neutral and quiet.


There is no good and bad, up and down in each events.

Also each event aren’t along with emotion: happy, sad and frustrated, etc.


However, when I realized it

Events in the world have been labeled of “happiness” and “unhappiness” and you hope only things with only “happiness” label.


I came to think that “happiness religion ” existed and I thought many people including me had believed in the religion.

Therefore when things with “unhappiness” label appear in our lives , we hate, abhor and try to expel it with a terrible face.


At that time I met a book: “Unhappiness theory”.

I don’t remember the content well but I could understand it well.


As we pursue happiness, when we meet unhappiness we get angry, sad and lose the will to live.

However, if we try to live pursuing unhappiness.

Then, when we meet happiness suddenly, we are very happy since we weren’t expecting that.

“Ah, we became happy though we didn’t hope…” you will be in the situation.

Also, you didn’t hope, so you won’t cling to happiness.


Interpreting it in my own way, I think the content is sort of it.


I often think that:

Souls, characters, physical constitutions, physiques, hometown, surroundings, talents, sex, occupations, likes and dislikes, tastes in each of us… various things are different.

Therefore, I believe that forms of our each happiness are different and it’s just fine.


Trying to fitting your life to “form of happiness” you were given understand by the world may be the biggest cause you feel “unhappiness”.


I haven’t gotten married. My house is a rented house. I don’t have a car.

My income is only XXX. I am not a social person…I am unhappy…


I am me. You are you.

I am me. Society is society.

Such me connect to people and society.

I think that’s all right.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on 2009 July 3