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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑨

“Positive and negative”, “Good and bad”, “darkness and light” and “Unhappiness and happiness”

–From the previous blog—                   

Listening to his story it rang a bell in me.

It seems that only heaven, angel and light stories are unbalanced.

It seems that it balances negative and positive.

“Oneness of negative and positive”


I think our, earthlings’ consciousness are turning to light direction.

It seems that denying negative and affirming only positive times is coming to an end.


Previously I used to take in only bright and joyful TV programs, movies, magazines, stories.

Because I almost was affected by those.

However, for many years I haven’t been able to find myself who are judging “good and bad” watching any news and pictures.

It’s like both are fine (^_^)v

It may depend on how you grasp and feel.


If you are able to balance negative and positive by yourself, you may not be influenced by biased, one-sided things.

It may be the status that “ you always are positioned in a center”.


I have learned divination before.

Assume it appeared that great KE( great result of divination) came out at first sight.

Assume it is perfect and too great KE.

However, according KE, it is “TAIKA (serious error, gross mistake) and KE means bad result.

It’s like if it inclines to positive too much, it turns to negative.

Present earth and the universe are headed to the world of oneness of negative and positive”?


Too much saving is losing everything,

Too much trying hard is producing the opposite result,

and too far climbing to the top is falling down for by some chance…

“Going too far” may go to the opposite direction.


Just right★ favorable state ★ sufficient

Wonderful words(^_-)☆


Be the way, a few years ago I noticed about “Happiness and unhappiness”.

To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 7 2009