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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑧

“Vibration of a person at death will determine which world he or she goes”

“Present vibration will determine the dimension of a world he or she can connect”

–From the previous blog—


Years later I attended Mr. Hitori Saito’s lecture.

He said:

“Hell, the other world is dark and cold place”.


May be? Unusual cold and unearthly perception may be because I touched “hell, the other world”.


A big difference between listening to and experiencing, so I might had a chance to experience before his lecture for some reason.


We, human beings had believed there is “hell” in the other world over thousands of years.

We had believed that if we do bad thing, in exchange of it, as a punishment we go to hell.


The world may be which created by our notion and imagination.

Then, I believe the world exists actually.


It may be the result of the law of the universe: “one you acknowledge appears and one you stare at expands” worked.


Only with good and bad.

we judge others.

As we believe good and bad,

we have sense of guilty, jealousy, anxiety, sallow, regret, want more, go to higher status, and want to be recognized by others more and more…


If we die with these notions, directly we may go do the “hell”; notion world which human being created

In addition to that, this instant you live, if we keep these notions, residents in the hell may come to you saying “your frequency is similar to us~” and possess your body and life to make their wishes which didn’t come true during their life time.


Mr. Hitori Saito said in his lecture that he had been told by an entity of the world he was connected.

“Please deliver heaven and hell story to people in well balance”


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 2 2009