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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑦

“Vibration of a person at death will determine which world he or she goes”

“Present vibration will determine the dimension of a world he or she can connect”


–From the previous blog—


It was the beginning of December.

It’s winter in Tokyo.

Shaking from cold in the beginning of December in Tokyo is unlikely.

Even more, usually when I am in bed I feel hot in the body soon like baby.


How much cold it was:

Two quilts, one blanket, setting the temperature of electric blanket maximum, setting the temperature of air conditioner 30 degrees, three pocket stoves to back of neck, lower back and stomach…

However, the cold had never been improved.


Unusual cold

Nearly frozen to death.


It’s too cold and I asked for my partner’s help who was sleeping.

“Help me. Too cold…It’s unusual…”


After a while I was calm, but I felt something wrong with outside of a window suddenly, so I drew back the curtain and opened the window and stared at outside.


I appealed to my partner:

“I feel unearthly something to outside.

It’s like a different spacial dimension”


Outside vast world is different from the darkness of night.

It’s was covered by particular darkness and cold, and I found myself feeling the particular cold.


Just playing CD the world came.

Whether my brain reacted to the sound on my own or entities who reacted to the sound came?

I’ve heard that sometime they got cold when they do out of body experience,

but I just played the CD to relax…


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on 2009 July 2