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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑥

“Vibration of a person at death will determine which world he or she goes”

“Present vibration will determine the dimension of a world he or she can connect”

I have bought Hemi-Sync once.


Which lets different HERTZ WAVE go into each left and right ears and change brain wave intentionally.

Some promotes concentration, memory, healing and out of body experience.


Well, though I don’t listen to it now at all…
Both now and in the past I am not interested in out of body experience, but I have traveled to “focus” listening to Hemi-Sync CD as written in a book.

Focus 1-12 is the world we are here.

Also, there are focus 12-69. (Perhaps the highest is 69)

(The late Mr. Robert A. Monroe numbered)


As I read the book randomly, so I traveled to focus misunderstanding that focus 23 was the boundary between this world and other.

Then, I ended the travel and regained my consciousness…

My body was heavy. Around kidneys is heavy.

Yes, it’s like what I feel at heavy ground or house.


I talked to my partner, and he said:

“No. You were wrong. Focus 23 is the place who passed away without realizing his or her ambition.”


Oh my god. That’s why my body was heavy…

Focus 23 is the place where dead people who don’t understand they die, committed suicide and unable to obtain peace are.


Years past….we moved.

When we just moved and stuff was not organized, I happened to have Hemi-Sync CD at new place.

I put on the CD to listen when I slept.

After a little while, I was numbed with cold.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 2 2009