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“His story”

I heard it more than a decade ago.

History = His Story

That is to say, history is his story.

History is that the powers that be replace facts and spread wrong information on their own circumstances.

After all this time, sometimes true histories were revealed, so I guess you know that.


Since I heard it, I have gotten into the habit of not accepting news and information as truth.

I came to wonder who would get benefit by delivering news?

Now I came to be able to determine if it is true news of not by intuition.


I guess many people know this story.


There are two sides to everything.

Officially they say it’s for the people, but actually it’s for only a small handful of individuals’ advantages.

All times and places, these things have been conducted normally.


Then, if we bring up good and bad there, it’s just the wheel comes full circle, lower our own vibration and lose the degree of our freedom.

Therefore, I view only facts simply.

Because, anybody has done these things once.

A master of a family, father hides or creates reason sounds reasonable and invent an lie for a gambling debt to maintain his dignity.


I feel it’s no use saying what is good and bad or common sense.


Personally I think being see not only light part but also dark part calmly is better.

If not,

Light = Good

Darkness = Bad

The above is established.


It just may go away from freedom…


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on June 30 2009