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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★②

“Common Sense” “Good and Bad“

I guess ten to twenty years ago these were considered good.

(Though these may underlie still)


★To continue doing what you once started

★To serve your time to company until retirement age once you joined

★To live ever after with a partner you got marry once.

★To think others first thinking of yourself last.


 What are these now?


☆To experience various things and unite the experiences and adjust to the needs of the world.

In the past they would say “You can’t master even one thing, so you can’t master anything”


☆To utilize your ability for various works at various companies without being tied to one company.

You would like to gain a lot of experience and show my capabilities and open my your own business before long.

In the past people would see you as “you are worthless who change job a lot”.


☆Now people are generous with divorce as many women say;

” Once divorce is considered to bring you additional prestige”

In the past, who divorced was treated like that she brought shame on her family.


☆Now people say:

“If you are not happy first, you can’t let others be happy.

Don’t think others if you can’t make yourself happy by yourself!

It’s just self-satisfaction and hypocrite and you and people around you will be happy by living self-center “


In the past, it is said that it’s unladylike and bad manner for women to sit across-legged

Now, Japanese seiza style (sitting straight) is bad for knees, and with yoga boom, women’s sitting across-legged has an impression of slow life and nature.


In a short time,


Common Sense” “Good and Bad“ has changed so much.

However, our lives is about 80 years.


Are we fine to establish our lives, direction and own core based on

the flow of time and boom which changes so often and

information which imprinted on you by somebody or something’s intention?


We can live more stably and easily based on universal things which don’t change so often riding the waves of the times. Don’t you think so?


Given to understand by somebody or something’s intention…

 I would like to write about it next time.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on June 30 2009