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Possessions, haunting—Remote Healing —Part1

Since I was a little girl, I have observed various people including my families and I saw entities possess and leave them so often.

If something sneaks into you, it will be a serious matter.

Well, possessing and leaving is a daily occurrence.

However, MV thinks that it is not good condition, so I held “Terakoya (seminar)for exorcising evil spirits and breaking curse” on Dec. 1 and “Terakoya for the laws of the universe and energy” on Mar.1.


Your life played by those or You live your life controlling those

is up to whether leaning correct understanding and correct solution or not.


Of course, you shall prefer the latter to the former.

These day, XX (her family)’s character is changing.

・・・・suddenly・・・・・・did….XX had never done, so I was surprised.

Since last week, it seems that XX has been haunted, crazy and frustrated.


Those who sent the message above to me applied the remote healing for XX (family).


Thank you for the remote healing!  Previously, I sent an email about XX (my family), and after the day I applied the remote healing, XX’s character came back.

 I thought an entity had possessed XX left when it was determined to take the remote healing. (Even before the healing day) Then, XX returned to a quiet state. I thought that the remote healing was amazing again.♪

After all, curse is like an electromagnetic interference.

 It’s really intrusive for your comfortable life, so I hope you have chance to learn at Terakoya(seminar), take MV session and remote healing to fix yourself and family multi-dimensionally. 🙂

To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 25 2014