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Thank you for your message~ Sorting out internal~

Dear Maaya, Shin,

Thank you for your support as always.

This is the third time for me to take the remote healing, and I was on duty at the office, so I couldn’t care healing time. I think this way is better to me.

However, when I was walking shortly after nine o’clock , I reeled feeling pressure on my head.


Later, I felt sleepy, so I wished I could had slept, and I almost close my eyes.

Returning home and before sleep, I cried as if I was arranging many things in order.

Since last month I have been busy, and I feel I need time to relax, but actually being busy is a thing to be thankful for.


Therefore, I thought I had been tried, but I could wake up earlier and eat breakfast more than usual.

Thank you very much!!


The remote healing has effects of sorting out feelings, fixing your frequency and strengthening your energy field, so heavy ghost, heavy energy and maliciousness won’t come closer to you.


I am planning a special session regarding emotion and broken heart,  but if your problems are lighter,  those will be resolved without my session.

Then, filters in you will be removed, so true high dimensional energy can go into you easily and your conscious level will be improved.


Please keep taking the remote healing like that.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 18 2013