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Thank you for your message-Playing in Temporary World

Dear Maaya,

Thank you for the remote healing.

I could take the healing at XXX. It was like a dream.

I took the remote healing twice this month.

Their messages are interesting and useful!

I was wondering if I can sense something, but unfortunately I couldn’t sense much about the healing…(TωT)

I thought the reason why I had been restless surrounded by my kids in a room with TV…?

Well, actually, I think it is because that the flow of qi(ki, energy) is not so good.

I read Maaya’s blog again and again:

It is not important whether you sense or not.

I would like you to have more healthy, smiley, peaceful, rich and joyful life filled with happy phenomenon improving your life and enhancing the level of your life.

Right!!! I was convinced that it had been delivered to myself surely even I didn’t sense, so I went into great mode.


Thank you for blogging it!

During the healing, I didn’t sense it at all, but I had a feeling.

The first time, I was about to cry and I was ????

The second time, after 9:00PM I felt something over my whole body, but it might be just my imagination, later it was very calm and words of “a field of flowers” came to my mind ( I just might believe it), then I cried though I wasn’t sorry.( I took the healing with my eyes closed in my futon.

Feeling something I would like to cry came out, but I couldn’t cry as my kids were closed to me.

However, I felt something warm.

It was the long-waited remote healing, so my emotion came out…?

Well, I am excited about the third healing.

I think I will continue to take it!

The week I took the healing for the first time,

My work had been well surprisingly! (I started to use Maaya Misty for good match, charm and beauty the week)

I am looking forward to it this week too!.

I am happy as if I have something reward♪

That’s worthy of Maaya!


I am really glad to meet Maaya Village goods.

I will continue to use them. Thank you very much.


Sorry for my long email!

I’d appreciate if you could read my email when you have time.

I’m really grateful that you use your energy for ourselves.

Seems you don’t have holidays, so I hope you have some holidays as a reward.

Thank you so much♪


In deeper part, something like your soul understands what kind of energy, what intention the energy has, what dimensional level of the energy and how precious and pleasure for the soul and the present life.


When I access to the world, my heart is touched and I get teary naturally.


Visible word…

Money, position, politics, economy, consumption…

The lust to dominate, greed…

The world is “temporary” world, and it is not important actually.


However, who touch Maaya Village meet and touch the real universe,

and from the wisdom and the consciousness dimensional level,

They transform the “temporary” world as what they want and spend life as if they were skipping singing.


Maaya Village events start from a loud laugh and end a loud laugh.

However, the content is for you to get the ticket to be true high dimensional yourself and it is enlightenment world.

The reason why I can hold the event with a loud laugh and cheerfully is because I comprehended that this world is truly “temporary “world.

If anyone teach it strictly, forcibly, seriously with knitted brows,

it may be the evidence that he or she has not yet comprehended that the world is “temporary” world.

>I’m really grateful that you use your energy for ourselves.

Seems you don’t have holidays, so I hope you have some holidays as a reward.


Thank you so much 🙂

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 18 2013