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Remote☆High Dimensional Quantum Healing~ Repair of Brain~3

Thank you forth remote healing!

This time was different than usual.

First, I was comfortable, then this time I saw Maaya’s face not light!

Then, my left brain felt like scorching, later deeper part of brain felt like scorching.

I think a doctor in brain surgeon would be surprised!


Yes, people had better research for “human beings to be more wise, rich and happy” more and more dropping the ides of “the world of visible common world” is the only fact or something like that.


To do so, “curious antenna” and “the degree of freedom of consciousness” will be required.


“Everybody is great genius with repair of brain! “is not a dream~ 😀


The next day, I could read books smoothly with concentration, and bought an arithmetical puzzle and practicing it.


I removed unnecessary information, blockage and rubbish in your brain, so the working of your brain shall be more active.


I imagine myself viewing fancy clothing and interior magazine.

 A sense of uneasiness won’t come out any more!

Ghost Ejector is working for removing dust in chakra.

I use it when I feel something plunged up.

I feel it cleaned up very well!

What “Ghost Ejector(MV product)” is…

I gave it attendees of Terakoya as a free gift which is worth about 50,000yen(401USD) to 100,000yen(803USD) 😀


I am looking forward to Terakoya about beauty and health!

Also, I was surprised by spoons bent.

Thank you so much as always!

I am looking forward to seeing you again!


I will do “Repair of Brain”(remote healing) again. 😉

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 17 2013