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Remote Ku Healing~ Repair of Brain~1

I was pleased about “Repair of Brain” of the remote healing.Thank you very much.

Speaking for myself, one day in a train I started to comprehend that there are world, △world and world in the universe, and “The Universal Pure Consciousness Space”(Maaya named)  is located in different dimension.

I am organizing that in my head reading Maaya’s blog now.

I feel that my brain (higher than my forehead, lower than vertex area) changed turning round.

I realized that I didnt’t understand what Maaya had kept telling, that is, there is ○world, △world and □world ib the universe and The Universal Pure Consciousness Space. (So sorry!)

(Well, I am familiar with ○world, △world and □world deeply, and I’ve educated so since I was born, I have been brainwashed and I have wrong assumptions. Mmm, with them I can’t reach to the space. Unless I remove them, I can’t connect to The Universal Pure Consciousness Space)

 Well, as Maaya is navigating us, I could realize it. (*^^*)
Maaya who found out “The Universal Pure Consciousness Space” is marvelous.


I had to do that; I had no choice.

The frequency of ○world,△world and □world is noisy to me…

That’s exactly modulation of my consciousness antenna.

As you said, it is great to modulate (to find out the space) by myself.

If I can’t do that, I can’t have high dimensional consciousness…

Also, not because of somebody’s energy work or healing, it is “Comprehension within consciousness”by myself and it lead me to the space.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 17 2013