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Thank you for your comment –getting out of spiritualism something 1)

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I had been into spiritualism thing and others deeply.

In the aspect of moral, I had leaned very much.

However, something is lacking…

I have thing that I don’t quite understand.

After the earthquake on Mar. 11, I have done volunteer activity and a vegetarian diet, but these looks like a just a style for me.

After all, I realized that there are many wonderful person even they eat meat and not doing volunteer activity,

and I was wondering if I am right or wrong.

(In addition to that, I was confused thinking that every person is making efforts, so there is no right or wrong? )


Reading you blog carefully, I was nodding saying “I see, I see.”


I have never seen people being into spiritual things are rich, healthy, attractive, energetic, wise, intellectual, clever and truly happy.


After all, it makes me think that superficial spiritual things or other invisible world something are ineffective.


Actually, both now and in the past, I don’t like “fluffy invisible world”

I have never stepped in such a world.


Just I have been sensing the world since I was a little girl, so I had no choice but to seek “how to not sense it “.

Gradually, I grasped “a whole picture of the structure of the invisible world”.


I am the person who had wanting to do “normal life and work of visible world”,

so I found out the knack of how to survive on the earth with satisfaction using “true the law of the universe and the order of energy world”,

and now I am delivering the knack.


I hate the spiritual world people running into in excuse of that their lives in three-dimensional world are not going well without making effort.


I regard wisdom what I acquired as space science, energy science and consciousness science.


To be continued

From Maaya’s blog on April 10 2013