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Thank you for your message~good bye possessions, haunting ~

Dear Shin, Maaya,

Thank you for your support as always.

When the energy of remote healing came into me, I felt that beautiful energy permeated into my energy field. The energy and heat came to my breast, stomach or torso, around the area. It was very warm. Heavy feeling and nervous has gone. Yes, it has gone smoothly, so I was surprised.

I felt beautiful blue sky and light, and my body relaxed. I felt some heat around 9:09PM and had finished around 9:11PM.  

This time, I felt that I was supplied with energy and got better. Usually I saw some images, but this time I had been tired, so I just felt energy. Everybody receives what they need by their filters at that time, so sensing or not, I thought either was fine.

After I quit my job, I have been gaining weight.  However, after MV counseling, I lost weight a little bit.

Thank you for your advice. (^^ゞ

After I started to take the remote healing, I experienced that a lady went out from myself in a dream.  Well, I am getting sleepy now, so I would like to talk to you when I meet you.

I am looking forward to the remote healing on April, too. Thank you so much.

The lady went out…
(She had been troubled by the lady)

Causes are tuning and getting along with your inside, so the causes remain in you.

In other words, you are tuning with your causes, so you are causing problems.

Taking the remote healing (energetic, fine, high dimensional and high vibration energy) a few times a month, your energy transforms and something in you will feel uncomfortable and go out.

The lady(haunting) might have moved to lighter space taking the remote healing together 🙂

Seriously, you will be able to spend comfortable life if you face these things without considering them taboo, because most earthlings are influenced by these things.

It’s an almighty nuisance if somebody besides you is in you. If so, you had better resolve it.

I have only one my soul in my body. Therefore, I could establish strong and unswerving core, and I can keep running for one purpose without perplexity, anxiety, depression or guilty.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 28 2013