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Today’s remote healing 【Job】

As I wrote on news of one-year support for “The source of The Universal Unlimited Creation (MV’s basic product), these days I am adding something to basic remote healing.


This is that removing thing which causing inconvenience of your thoughts, consciousness and body!


Previously (April 13), I removed “information from TV”


I presume you have been watched TV for decades, so it is impossible to remove the information within in you at once, as a matter of course.

However, you will be great if you continue taking the remote healing leisurely.


You will be able to get out more easily from “standard” frequency band.


Well, I guessed that it was in your brain strongly…that is the information you got thorough your “job”.

Therefore, I will remove the information today. (April 23)


If the information moves out,

going to work


sitting in front of PC,

Monday morning,

seeing boss

will not make you sick 🙂


Let’s break the formula!
Working=feeling down, a stomach-ache and excessive strain

I think you have the formula in your brain too much.

(Remote healing is not the same content every time. I will change it such as: this time information of ”TV”, next time information of ”Parents”)


As you see, unless you like your work and have motivation for the work, working efficiency becomes worse and your skill won’t improve.

It’s a waste of your lifetime, after all, isn’t it?


So, I will do remote healing with fighting spirit as usual 😛


I will deliver power to you as you can enjoy your work and try new field energetically with light mind and free thinking.


All right, see you at 9:00pm Tokyo time!

From Maaya’s blog on April 23 2014