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The secret of greatest relationship between wife and husband–First, getting out of capitalism world –part 1

My husband and I go to the same dentist’s…

There we were told that:

“You are really happy together”

“You are my ideal relationship”


Anywhere, anytime we are just we stay as we are. That’s it.

However, people often describe us so…I am wondering if our aura or atmosphere is convey something…

Even a neighborhood restaurant teases us about “our great relationship”.


Seeing us, not only those who know Maaya Village, but also those who don’t know MV at all think that:

“They look happy”

“They are happy together”


An assistant to the dentist asked me:

“What is your secret of the harmonious marriage?”

“How long have you been married?”

A flood of questions 😆


“Actually when I saw you for the first time here, I was thinking you are a great couple”



We always enjoy MANZAI ( a two-man comic act in Japanese) together.

If I were to venture an opinion, I would say that

“Happiness you can buy with money”

“Happiness you can’t buy with money”

Which do you value the most…?


This is the best thing.


If you target only “happiness you can buy with money” as your happiness,
you shall feel unhappy, luck and inferior.
Also you shall look down your partner as incapable person when you lost money somehow and other. After all, you can’t get the happiness…

Going down the unhappy stairs…

I’ve seen such a millionaire… 😥


To be continued

From Maaya’s blog on Oct. 2 2010