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Leaving it as it is…you will be short of money and job!

Thanks to your remote healing and Maaya Village goods! I love them! I am feeling an appreciable change of my consciousness! I continue to take remote healing, and these days I have something I haven’t experienced before, so I would like to tell you that. Since I took the remote healing, I found that I could talk to others more comfortably.(though I hadn’t talked to others not so much before)

Also, I could continue to take the remote healing every month this year so far, and since two times before, I started to feel something is a little off about the pit of the stomach. Then it spread  throughout out my body and couldn’t keep still.

I had never felt like that, so I am wondering that something floating and is going to go out from me owing to continues remote healing. I experienced often that suddenly, physical unease comes out from the pit of the stomach and feel like vomiting and feel something strange in my stomach. I have more what I would like to report to you, so I will email you again.

Thank you so much!

 After all, the reason why you have physical discomfort normally and the physical part and symptom…I will deliver it in MV Terakoya, but so far I can say that it is energy….

MV remote healing shall demonstrate its effectiveness in the kind of issues. Following the filling of energy in you, you will be able to talk to and communicate with others.

Energy shortage causes the tiredness in communication. When you luck energy, you will be tried to communicate.

I am glad to hear that 🙂

Viewing people, those who don’t try to contact with others,  don’t try to be in touch with others, don’t try to express yourself and don’t try to deliver about yourself to others are stumbled on communication.

Naturally, they won’t be understood by others and can’t get proper things from others.

Those who grieve in that way should do “contact”, “be touch with”, “express” and “deliver” by themselves.

If you are in a passive state, nobody comes close to you, If you are in a passive state, nobody would give a helping hand to you and even if you are thinking something in great distress without saying anything, nobody understands you.

Actually, those who don’t do those are short of money and job at that same time.

If they leave this alone, these issues are getting worse.

The subject slipped away, but I could write what I have thought every day from your report. Thank you!

I am looking forward your another feedback 🙂


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 3 2015