Daily Archives: 2015-07-28

You got pretty. You are glowing

Yesterday a mutual male friend of me and my husband praised me that I’d became more beautiful than when I got married. (X years ago)!  I didn’t think of myself so, but he said that I had radiance, so the image I had  about myself improved. I thought in my mind that it is because I met Maaya Village!

It may difficult to know your own change by yourself.

Well, as I delivered it in trauma subject, it is very difficult for those who have false image about themselves to accept their true beauty…

Some men tell lies to flirt with woman, but if not, the words are true.

Yes, she is beautiful and has aura 😛

Yes, she attended MV Terakoya (seminar) on July 12 too.

Those who attended the Terakora are increasing their aura, glowing more and being loved by everyone. I am getting such feedback every day.  Yes, there are many people changing drastically.

People who are giving off big and attractive aura shall be given special treatment, be in the limelight and be treated gently. Also, they shall not be made light of.

Terakoya is very curious. It seems that people transform by just attending Terakoya.

Well, besides Terakoya study, they have the stone and card…I hope they will have more attractive, beautiful and well-liked life.


From Maaya’s JP blog on  July 22 2014