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The nature of Hado( vibraion) and energy –You transform the universe–Part 2

From my previous blog,

4) The reason why Maaya is particular about Hado (vibration)


>Your happiness, happy Hado will lead to whole happiness and happy Hado for whole universe automatically .

I had a chance to describe the sentence more specifically, so I would like to share it. 😉

I mean that:

If you stop giving off heavy notion “Hado(vibration)” or minus “energy” and start giving off light and pure happy Hado, High Dimensional energy, it will spread to your body, your family, your house, your neighborhood, society, country, the world… and the universe.

Thus your start can lead to change the universe automatically.

Hado (vibration) energy has such kind of nature.

I would like you to understand the nature of Hado(vibration) and energy again through this blog. 🙂

“Comprehension” would furnish materials for our transformation and evolution.

I will blog important parts again and again 🙂

The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 22 2015