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The same condition? The same tribe? The same new synesthesia?

Like me, who are sensitive to Hado(wave motion), are the universal-ish, XXXX-children or were born with new synesthesia ?

Well, I think it’s something quite out of a psychic or a medium….

 (Among the people there are people who say similar things due to mental or brain problem.  Please take appropriate treatment in appropriate place.)


Even solid substance which you can touch and see for sure,

they are invisible and fluid elementary particle  in the final analysis.


Thus all visible objects are composed of visible substance emitting certain Hado(wave motion) and their nature are invisible.


That means this universe is composed of Hado(wave motion) and energy only.

The nature of the universe is Hado(wave motion) and energy.

Science knows it.


However, there are people who have the sensor which perceive the invisible things.

I have the sensor too…


I pereceive not only objects, but also,

people’ Hado(wave motion), people’s notion Hado(wave motion),

people’s thought, emotional energy, karma of families, land Hado,

ghost, furies of the living, high dimensional entities,

Hado(wave motion) in High dimensional space, worlds, sounds, voices, electromagnetic wave…etc.

Sorry, there are too much to write everything….


Sensing energy and handling energy…

When I see Yoda in Star Wars, I think he is like me.


Well, I try to describe myself only with words exists in today’s earth,

but I think the words don’t convey the exact meaning of what I would like to describe…


Onmyoji(Master of Yin yang)… Well, that’s not the only thing. It’s not enough.

Medium…It’s only about ghost..

Empath… Sounds light a little bit…


So, I named myself as “Hado(wave motion) perceiver” tentatively,

but I guess you don’t get it well…


It’s off the subject, but these days I got an inspiration similar when I got the inspiration of creating “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV standard product), and started to create device which converts various energy(heavy world, fries of the living, harmful energy of outside the earth, harmful waves..etc)

I said “device”, but it’s analog. Well, what I value the most is consciousness only, so it’s fine.

It will get interesting from now on.

It’s giving great results already♪



Returning to the issue, let me please share an exchanging emails with a person to you a little bit.

The reason why I quested invisible world is because I wanted to know the truth and overcome my bad condition which senses invisible things sharply since I was a little girl.


Though they are few who are similar to my condition,

but  they appreciate my blog as their last shelter,

thus Maaya Village was born.


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Fe. 10 2012