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The moment I grasp energy of some worlds remotely -part 1-

Again I was working on my old blog, and I would like to share it 😀

The old blog is

Part1) I can grasp what energy you are touching remotely♪


>Therefore, I turned her thought away to avoid her  from being dragged into the world


This is that only I and she understood.

Well, speaking the truth,


She was pulled by old and strict”□world”,

and she has something like “soberness” and —-and —-.


Therefore, such an old and strict world with upper and lower, or the world with poverty easily intrudes into an empty place in her heart.


One day, suddenly I sensed it remotely.



“She has been affected by something odd world.

Leaving her, she will go into lower world : too much being fussy about “what right is, what good is and what lofty is…”, unlike high consciousness MV world with high degree of freedom.

Then, she won’t be able to come back…”


I was thinking that. (I was talking to S)


Soon after that, she informed me that she would like to cancel Maaya Village event due to other commitments.


Thinking of “I knew it. I expected it” in my mind, I couldn’t tell her:


“Actually I had sensed your energetic state and if you run to that direction, you won’t be able to come back forever. You will stay in the low consciousness dimension, low-frequency and low world, thought the world looks noble at a glance. I think you had better prioritize MV event”




To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 22 2015