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Past life solved something?

In my session, sometimes I hear them say:

in the past when I’ve consulted people, they said that my past life was …”


However, their problems will be solved by fixing their past and present condition only.


Maaya Village has done it well and produced great results.


I, Maaya often tells stories to people who were too brainwashed by a world [their past lives] .



For example, it is the story:

When she got on a train, always became panicked.  She was in rough shape and couldn’t eat anything.

Then, she consulted someone who could see past lives.

They said :

“Well, the reason you can’t take a train is that a vehicle train took your people to a concentration camp in the xxx period blah-blah-blah”

And the reason that you can’t eat is that you had been starving and your child was blah-blah-blah in xx period”

“Aha…then, will that solve my problem?”

“Um? Well, it is good for you to know the cause of your issues

After that, she left the session room.

For long time after that, until she met Maaya Village, she hadn’t been able to eat and or get on a train, and had felt terrible.


“What was this for previous life…?”

Well, in the Maaya Village session, I didn’t access her former life at all. I only accessed her present problems and present self.


With only one session, she could get a train, eat, and became health in a few months.

These days she eats more than I eat and getting pretty healthy.

See! I wonder about sticking to your previous life…


If it solves your problem, it is fine,

but what incomprehensible to me is,

they get money with this sort of session, and explain the past can’t be proved and can’t solve anything.

What is this?


Those who have done normal spiritual things or have been dependent of them may stick to a former life, soul mate, etc.

However, if you raise your consciousness, IQ, and understand various things deeply, you will not care about things like your past life and so on.
Ah, it is fortune-telling too.

Actually, it is nonsense to read your future.

You can view your future when your level of consciousness is raised up.


Maaya Village has delivered comprehension, wisdom and power which can allow you to use your own consciousness as a tool, and help you to surpass your destiny, this low-frequency world, immature world filled with low consciousness and live freely.


Therefore, the more you master such things MV teaches you, the more things in the world to cause wonder.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 7 2014