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2) The reason why Maaya takes 波動[Hado in Japanese, vibes, wave motion] seriously

>Actually I don’t really like the term ”Hado”.

(I feel like it means that we leave responsibility for everything on Hado[vibes] rather than ourselves)

Yes, I understand what you’re trying to say.

However, if you start to unite the strings of Hado [vibes], energy and the frequency world, you will start to take responsibility for yourself.


I decided that I would take responsibility for my ideas, Hado, and the frequency I gave off and that I was going to be like a “Happy Hado Generating Device” without getting rid of and worrying about other people’s bad vibrations.

When we view it from the end of the universe, we will understand that we are all are responsible for it in the end.


If we grasp it seriously, we will start to think that we would like to change the heavy vibration to a light and wonderful one seriously. Also, you will do it for ourselves and by ourselves in the form of  joint work with conscious entities in a space called multidimensional world for people we have never met, creatures which has not been born yet and entities in invisible world.


Please try to think this way: all the consciousness of human beings, unseen entities and multidimensional entities exist in cells in one body.

If cancer cell is generated in your body, other cells will try to cure your body together hard.

Also, you understand that the cancer cells affect other healthy cells, don’t you?

I heard that many cancer cells generate and die every day in our bodies.

However, if the balance is lost, then your body will start to die.


Thinking of  the body as being widely and enormously, it means that it’s the planet we live in and the universe out conscious.


It is the Star Wars world: keeping balance of light and darkness.

To tell you how to balance it, firstly, I published the first book “Maaya’s Hado [vibes] “.

(the books are sold out)


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 3 2010