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2) The dark world and the light world…The ultimate world is on top of the two worlds.

It can be described in Star Wars.

Jedi side: who uses light energy and expands the light world


Sith side: who uses dark energy and expands the dark world


Darth Vader was a resident in the light world and was a Jedi, but his “dark side” was taken advantage of and was expanded by Sith.
Then, he became great resident in the dark world.


Looking at Japan and the international situation, the phenomenon is similar to the story occurs frequently every day.


Human beings are roughly divided into two types:


People who try to expand others’ darkness and drag them into the dark world.

People who reduce others’ darkness and lead them to the light world.


Well, the world greater than that and transcended the two worlds is quite high dimensional world MV teach always:

That is “Transcend the dualism” and “In the end, the dark and the light are the same and two worlds are fine because we transcended the worlds and include and cover the worlds♪”

This is MV world.


The end


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 17 2015