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Which one will you choose? -part 5- Soul’s check list★

You may have the illusion that those who describe an invisible world, will take you to a noble place and the truth.


However, when they are thrown into a state of intense fear, their real nature will be exposed.

Roughly they are divided into two types.

Those who drag people into further darkness and those who remove people’s fear and convert people’s consciousness to the opposite pole together.


Suppose there is a soul’s check list.


The moment you died,

“I always kept giving off bright notion HADO (vibes) positively whatever difficulties  I faced or in the face of disaster”

“Whenever and wherever I was, I kept giving off positive and bright notion HADO(vibes) to people around me”

Something like that will be engraved in your soul’s memory, will be your soul’s nature and will be your soul’s growth level.


Souls’ nature and souls’ growth level I have perceived since I was a girl, have been created in the process


This power of soul is stronger than anything in this world.

The power of soul may be created by soul’s piling up and repetition.


Therefore, I hope you will live smiling, lightly and comfortably every day no matter what may happen.

These shall be piled up and it shall come out as your soul’s sparkle.


Have you ever seen Star Wars?

Especially, it is “Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith”

Well, you may had better watch all the films to understand my blog well?


Will you be Sith and invite people’s minds to the darkness?


Will you be Jedi and invite people’s minds to the light?


(Furthermore, we shall transcend the dualism of light and darkness)


Well, I will end it.



From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr. 27 2011