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1) True knowledge, awakening and persistence

Last night I talked over dinner with people related to my job 🙂

One of them said…

Since she started to stock various knowledge and information from TERAKOYA in Tokyo,

every line and word in movies catches her and she thought of:


“Ah… this movie would like to deliver that content”

“I might grasp the movie director’s intention”

“This movie is pretty deep”


Previously, those words or lines passed through her, but each of them came to rushing into her.



I was asked to go to a movie by my acquaintance and I watched “The Matrix Reloaded (the second installment)”.

I had no information about the movie in advance, but I was impressed and sympathized with the lines and words in the movie.


I couldn’t repress and said to her.

“This movie is pretty great~”

Then, she said “Yes it is. Hollywood movie is …..Keanu is….”

Well, her response was out of sync.


At that time, I secretary thought,

“Yes, right. If she has never tasted, awaked or noticed such state like the movie,

she won’t be caught by the lines or words.

Yes, she has human body as mine, but what she looks and feels is completely different from mine.

She lives in a different (dimensional) world, so it couldn’t be helped~”


Also, I felt again the loneliness and vanity which I haven’t been able to share the state with others since my childhood.


Yes, of course, it is impossible to live in the same field together.

It is possible to adjust myself to suit others at each occasion,

but we can’t play in the same world if our sense, value, point of view and field of view are different.


One believes the world is the absolute truth, doubting nothing, and lives without waking up.

The other notices the world is temporary and wakes up and lives balancing.


I think who can understand truly the world I noticed when I was 10 years old, shall comprehend my blog.


The world I realized when I was 10 years old.


I would like to share it with many people, so I released CD “Soul’s lock on “, but…


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 12 2014