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3) Most basic of Maaya Village basic

Rather than looking down, hating and judging people, organizations that do not have those knowledge,  and three-dimensional Earth state.

It would be good to proceed and become a model for “a better way of life on the earth, a real happy way of life” after accepting them, wouldn’t be?

Even if you have a lot of high dimensional knowledge, if the earthlings don’t like your life or state for a role model, nobody turns towards you.


Those who have a role or are ready for leading, guiding people, had better  produce your own life and state thinking of your role and so on.


Where we would like to take people?


To taking people to the place, what and how we should be?


To do that, what we should send?

These are my and my partner’s central idea for MV activity.


I hope you ask those questions for yourself.


The end

From Maaya’s original blog on June 25 2013