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Bright and sleek skin with High Dimensional Energy

Thank you for today’s remote healing!!

My skin has become really sleek and shine since taking your XXXX program.

Well, and after today’s healing, my eyes are clear and cheek was lifted up 😛 

When I saw Maaya’s skin closely, I found out Maaya’s skin is like early twenties, so I was thinking High Dimensional Energy is good for cells.


Thank you!  Well, yes, I think my skin is younger than my real age.


Actually, I haven’t used anything special for my skin.

Neither beauty salon nor electric facials.


Basic cosmetics, as lotion, cream or cleansing won’t be consumed at all.

I am careless about my skin. Well, I can hear your voice “Please use lotion at least ” 🙂  ,

but I don’t care my skin as it’s just too much bother 😆



It is about a lady close to me.

These days, she is absorbed in a worthwhile job, so her energy started to rotate.

Well, she became beautiful really.

It becomes a topic of our conversation between me and S often.


As you may suppose, she didn’t have plastic surgery, facial or change cosmetics.


The cause is “ENERGEY”.


>High Dimensional Energy is good for cells.


Yes, it is absolutely true.


High Dimensional Energy will activate cells 😉



whose energy rotation is bad, sluggish or stagnate,

whose energy condition or cicmusance is not good

who is affected by low energy…

You can determine it by their skins. Especially, face skin.


MV is thinking of various items let you shine and beautiful more and more.

Actually, we have been planning since several years ago, and we are waiting for “the timing”.


MV is something!!

Thank you very much!


We are going to launch new items.

Something like let your face and body give off high dimensional energy instantly.

I hope you will wait for it leisurely!


It will need more research, so I hope you can wait for a while 😛

From Maaya’s original blog on June 16 2015