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Let’s gain over the flow, rhythm and energy of the universe♪ Healing day

I will deliver the strongest high dimensional energy to you at 9:00PM Japan time tonight 😛


Everything changes with vibration and frequency…


That is quite obvious (for Maaya Village),

but I hope it will be obvious for all the people on the earth.

At kindergarten, elementary school, home, hospital, office and everywhere.



You will be able to live more easily.

Your ability will be more improved.

You will be able to have more mental and physical allowance.


Also, you will be in gracious mood,

you will become smart, your consciousness will be up,

you will be rich and won’t age in vain.


Your intuition will be improved, idea will come out rapidly.

You will be liked by more people,

As your fortune will go up, you can seize more chances.

Even you live naturally, you will go successful direction.


As your frequency and vibration is wrong,

As your energy value is low,

unsatisfactory realty just appears in front of you.


To get out of it,

you are making effort hard to be success, happy and improve your luck.


However, your frequency and vibration got wrong,

so you can’t gain over the flow, rhythm and energy of the universe.


If you are, as the saying is, in the condition of “Your Luck Stagnation”, ”Luck of Energy”, it will be difficult for you, regardless of your hard work …

No, I shall say clearly, your life won’t go upward.


If that side (frequency, vibration and energy) is wrong, distortion will come out in your reality surely.

This is true of your body, too.


You will be the person who is trying to get water by a colander very hard, if you don’t arrange your frequency, vibration and energy.


Though you are spending a great mount of labor,

necessary water is falling from a colander and you can’t save  water at all.


Frequency, vibration and energy world is the same as above 🙂

From Maaya’s JP blog on June 13 2015