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2) I grasped the mechanism of The Poor Brain!

Money is not for placing higher than myself 😛

Money is a tool to be used.

I have been swayed by money~


Many people put not only money, but also various things higher than themselves in vain…


Understanding it, I came to comprehend what wasteful spending is for me clearly.


Money is to be used for myself.

For my learning, joy, pleasure and satisfying me.

Also, accordingly I came to understand energy equivalent exchange.

Yes, I see!


I am pleased that you understood what I kept saying 😛


You feel great when you understood truly, don’t you?


Then, I guess that I am fine for taking counseling, trauma reset, brain esthetic and TERAKOYA(seminar) at any price originally.

 Also, I will work hard if it will be for taking them.

Yes, I am sure.


I am wondering how much I had placed things higher than myself. I think I used to do it for almost all the things.

They are just objects and not my inferior or superior…


I was unconsciously thinking that expensive thing is higher rank than myself, stuff celebs use is superior to me…

I was stupid.


Then, I noticed msself today that I tend to watch over things from far away.


Yes, if consciousness dimension is leveled up, it will be such the point of view. What I was saying is like that.


Not working and immersing myself deeply in the worlds,

I work as a player.

Well, it is like that I move myself from different point (out of the worlds).


Yes, if your consciousness level is up, you will understand what I am delivering to you like her.

Your life will change.

Also, you will be able to see who is in what reams deeply.


I am sure that this way is much better and easier.

Working with my own value…I came to grasp it somehow.


Just now I understood it, so I will spend my days confirming it little by little.

I was so excited and wrote long email. So sorry!!

I would like to take your counseling again!

Thanks as always!



Well, it’s really wonderful realization 😀

Way to go!



The realization is what we call a spiritual awakening.


This globe system, human being system, consciousness, dimension and the system of destiny….

You will comprehend them more and more.


Usually people don’t notice them while they are alive.


The more you notice, the more you won’t suit to those are living without notice it, bound by something, placing various things higher than themselves.


You will not have much in common, no similar values…


I would like to deliver high point of view (high consciousness dimension) to you who visited Maaya Village.


As you found Maaya Village, I hope you will acquire high quality of thought, consciousness and life different from general one 😀 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 6 2014