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1) Appreciative words♪ Sales figure is skyrocketing…

“After that, I am GREAT!”

“After that, the pain has gone!”

I was pleased to hear expressions of gratitude directly from who had taken MV counseling, Trauma Reset, other sessions, Remote Healing or MV goods copied Hado(wave motion).


Come to think of it,

I resolved their conditions a lot with MV theory.


However, the sentence written on TERAKOYA(seminar) resume is most important.

I guess it tingled in your ears.


“After Maaya Village counselling, sales figure is increasing every month! 😯 ”

When she said that with joy and surprise to me, I said to her:

“It is because you are doing what you should do by yourself”


It is because she created the condition which MV could push.

Who have no problems in energy order and energy laws usually, can get sudden development efficiently by MV’s support.


Also, I heard that who had pain in heart for a long time (I believe who joined TERAKOYA know why she had the pain in the part.) has no pain after MV session.


After “Trauma Reset”, not only erased her past heavy memories, but also her consciousness level shifted upward,

so even she listened to complaint, grievance or trouble from her friends or families,

in a good meaning, she thinks “You are still sticking t that? If you raise your consciousness, the matter is trivial”.

She used to cry, angry together, and she lived based on emotion,

but now she can watch over them warmly, with a big heart.


Also, who couldn’t get trains, who couldn’t come to Tokyo or Shibuya…they could come to TERAKOYA in Tokyo.


I was really pleased to be able to see their faces.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 3 2013