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Why electrical appliances break, why human beings break

Though I said in a seminar, this time S’s printer was broken, and at that time I was in a different room and I casted a spell? over the printer “Eia!” by remote, and it had worked.


In the seminar, I taught the reason why electrical appliances break (the reason except for physical break).

Yes, truly I think it happens in your everyday life.


Not only the machine, but also human beings break owing to the same reason.

Therefore, I hope you will give out wonderful Hado(wave motion), wonderful energy.


Such person is great and wonderful person from the point of energy 😀


Even you know about manner thoroughly

Even the way you speak is beautiful.

Even you are piling up good deeds,


If you give out something like heavy, harsh and grudge energy,

resident in energy world will say that you are annoying person and give you a wide berth.

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 14 2014