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Today’s remote healing♪【Job】

Maaya Village would like to support those who would like to play your roles in this three-dimensional world and social rehabilitation for who can’t (K. my staff member is one of those).

So, I would like to make tonight healing the kind of content.


Today’s remote healing …“JOB” (today’s menu 🙂  )


Even if  you would like to leap into the future furthermore, as long as there are things disturbing in your values or notions, you can’t.

Therefore, I would like to remove it.


The majority of people keep gaining knowledge or information.

But actually, (those who attended TERAKOYA[seminar] knew it already, right?)


If there is strange THAT in you,

even if you gained advanced knowledge or information.

ANSWER (your reality) is same.

Nothing changes.



So, MV will get rid of odd THAT.

If there is THAT in you, it can’t be helped anyhow… 😐



From Maaya’s JP blog on July 13 2014