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The Rich Brain

The one day…

A staff member: “ Speaking of which, these days I am getting satisfactory results 😀 “

Maaya: “?”


“Previously, Maaya advised me:

‘when you pay for something, you had better pay for with a feeling’.’If you do that, you will be rich’

Do you remember that?  Also, you said that it is the first step to be rich’”




“Then, these days, I am getting the results…One day blah-blah-blah, yesterday, Blah-blah-blah …”


“Ah—I got it. Your brain is changing. If your brain changes, wealth will be ensured.
Even with good money management and making efforts to increase wealth, with a poor brain, it will come to nothing.”

It is because, after all, the KEY is in BRAIN”


If your brain is a “Rich Brain”,

no matter where you go, no matter what you do, wealth comes looking for you. 😆


Even if you say “Don’t follow me, wealth will be coming to you 😆


Like that, “Brain is like a Magnet” 😀


What you attract is up to your brain.

Yesterday I was discussing:
Who created the “poor brain”?
How can we change from “poor brain” to “rich brain”…?

To transform your brain fully, “your effort” will be required.

Maaya Village only teaches you knacks.



“Brains, we, are constantly thinking; therefore, brains(thoughts ) should be monitored and controlled by us.

Those who can do that can transform the quality of their life.


At least, I have done that till now, and I will keep on doing that 😉



From Maaya’s original blog on Feb. 19 2014