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Breaking through….then, simply FUN

In a Maaya Village workshop, a lady gave me her thought about MV remote healing on June 23?

(Actually, she has various MV goods and attended seminars and workshops. Also, she continues to taking MV remote healing)


The lady: “Anyway, I am feeling simply happy.  Anything is fun for me!!


My partner: “ Ah…you’ve broken through”




Yes, there is a frequency band familiar to the earth,

and if you keep your antenna in the band,

you never get out of the field…emotion and living which are peculiar to human beings on the earth:

Worries, Negative thinking, Anger,

Grudge, Jealousy, Impatience, Fear, Anxiety, Uneasiness,

Cheating each other, Scramble, Dependence.



Connected to the band, you can neither show your consciousness power nor know the truth.


Then, it is very difficult for human beings on this planet to break through the field by themselves over their lifetime.



If they could it easily, there wouldn’t be pain, war and gap between the rich and the poor on the earth now.


There are pain, war and gap between the rich and the poor on this planet still, and it means most of human beings have been still connected to the frequency band.


Most of human beings don’t know such their consciousness? Antenna? Frequency band?


Now you are sure that nothing will change, aren’t you?



“Breaking through” means ascension of consciousness, raised dimension of consciousness.


You won’t be able to understand “Breaking through” unless you experience it.



The best method to break through is asking the knack if somebody around you knew it.


Then, the most important thing here is,

If you think

” I do break through by myself. Even if I can’t do this in life this time, I am fine”, then it is fine.


I think there are people who came to this planet to try it.

I guess who came to this globe determined to lead and run ahead like a wanderer class, will try to do by themselves.



Having true high dimensional consciousness or who have the kind of soul originally,

know that  everybody has free will,

and they won’t interfere

in others’ action, choices and behaviors.



Well, there are many people who try to control others, interfere in others and give answers instead of others among people who like the unseen world.


Also, it means they are creating karma.


Having true high dimensional consciousness or who have the kind of soul originally,

Without creating karma,

Carefully, with dedicate consideration and choosing a timing

They act, give words and lead human beings to warp naturally

and watch over them warmly.


They never ever criticize as “He/she is dependent!” or “He/she doesn’t understand at all!”,

never ever put human beings under or judge.



I am seeing human beings thinking of

They have their own past and it is just present they are now

They may change well in the future.

and I may be able to create chances to them 😛


I would like you know that Maaya Village is a playground for that.

Well, it is a universal and large-scale playground 😆

From Maaya’s original blog on July 8 2013